Should I Hire a Property Manager?

Hartmann Rentals is an experienced and trustworthy management company for over 35 years.  We specialize in helping investors from all over the world manage their investment.

Our methods to control costs, and effectively collect rents usually nets the owner a better return on the investment than self landlording. Saving time, money, and aggravation.

We have been working closely with property owners & residents for years, balancing the needs of Residents and the interests of the Owner.

Property Management can be a tough business where small mistakes can have big consequences. SINCE 1984, Hartmann Rentals has had the goal of to increase your ROI (Return On Investment) while maintaining equity growth.  Our team of specialists are dedicated to taking care of your investment for maximum cash flow & value growth. 


If you are looking for a property manager who is experienced, professional, and completely focused on your bottom line- YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR PARTNER!

Why Hire Hartmann Rentals?

Local Experience– Ensures knowledge, licensing,  and insurance combined with expertise of area rental rates.

Decreased Vacancy– By attracting the right tenants with our vast internet presence, local advertising, professional signage, and a name area residents have trusted for over 30 yrs -HARTMANN RENTALS.

Strict Tenant Screening Methods- To place quality tenants, checking credit/criminal backgrounds, verifying incomes & any rental eviction history.  But still conforming with ever changing local, state, & federal laws/mandates.

Lease drafting & Move in Procedures- Our lease is constantly being reviewed to comply with the ever changing local, state & national laws & statues.  Our unique movein-moveout system minimizes resident conflict.

Streamlined Rent Collections & Evictions- In compliance with all regulatory agencies, we coordinate a strict & effective collection process.  Rent is due on the 1st, late charge after the 5th, 5-Day notice is served on the 10th-15th of the month.  (5-day notice is the beginning of the eviction process)  We are knowledgeable in state & local property management laws, to swiftly (as the courts allow) regain the home & recover damages.

Cost Effective, reliable maintenance- Minimizes expenses using in house staff and preferred vendors we have long term relationships with.  Copies of “Maintenance Requests” are included in your monthly statement, along with any supplier charges. (Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc)

24/7 Emergency Requests– Limiting expenses & liability. Plus keeping residents happy, reducing turnover & by controlling repair costs with quick response.

Management fees-  Residential 10% of rents collected.  Finders fee of $100 to move a new resident in.   We only employ properly licensed Leasing Professionals by State & Local government entities.  Commercial/retail fees on request.