F.A.Q.- How We Do Business

How do you market the vacant homes? 

We are listed on apex 400 Websites.  But most come from 4 national sites. (Realtor.com, Zillow, Rent.com, Apartments.com, and Trulia),  We drive all our prospects from print advertising and web leads to our web site www.HartRent.com.   This is where all the other sites pull our info from, keeping the information up to date, (as new homes come available and as a courtesy to lookers, the rented/taken homes)  

How do I get reports on your investment? 

You will have online real time access to your accounts.  At the end of each month, you will receive an easy to read statement.   Money in and money out.  Detailing income, our fees, maintenance costs, if wanted, mortgage payments, and real estate tax set aside.   All this information is available by mail or online.  Your choice.  Of course, we are happy to take your call, and to answer any questions.   Not local? No problem, we forward reports throughout the world.  (China, Ozarks, Iowa, and even Collinsville)

How do I get paid?

Again, your choice.  We can mail you your funds by check or direct deposit in the bank of your choice.

How to you handle evictions? 

Any property manager will tell you- It starts with a good screening at application.  But we cannot see into the future of “lost job”, “spitting up”, etc.    We have an extremely aggressive system.    
(Due on the first, late fee on the 5th,  5 day notice on the 10th,  file on the 16th).   That is not to say we do not try to work with residents.   But we never let them get in a hole they cannot get out of. We have a good relationship with the courts and can get the resident problem corrected quickly and at low cost.

Who holds the deposit? 

We do, as the state looks at these funds as the resident’s.  We must have access, and the deposit funds do not even show on your reports.

How do you handle maintenance? 

80% of requests come by phone to the office. The other 20% come online, and after-hours emergency calls.  When we get a request, it is assigned and prioritized to one of our trained techs.   Our techs cost range from $20 to $30 per hour, depending on their level of expertise. We continuously review and prioritize all work orders.    WE DO NOT TAKE ANY “MARKUP” ON THESE HOURS.

How do you respond to afterhours calls? 

Our emergency line, 593 HELP is quick to respond.  Residents have that number on the lease, move in docs, and a magnet on their refrigerator.  After a conversation with the tenant, we will determine if it can wait until normal business hours or send a tech at time and a half.

Do you use outside vendors?  

We make every effort to do “in house”.  Sometimes a request is beyond our techs scope of service.   We have relationships with a large group of vendors, that respond to our requests.  These trusted vendors ensure the repairs are made in a timely fashion and at competitive prices.  HVAC, carpet cleaning, yard maintenance, complex electrical and plumbing are more cost effective if they are moved to outside vendors.